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Florida Sales Tax

We are required to collect 6% sales tax on every sale here in the State of Florida.

 212.0596 Taxation of mail order sales.

(1) For purposes of this chapter, a “mail order sale” is a sale of tangible personal property, ordered by mail or other means of communication, from a dealer who receives the order in another state of the United States, or in a commonwealth, territory, or other area under the jurisdiction of the United States, and transports the property or causes the property to be transported, whether or not by mail, from any jurisdiction of the United States, including this state, to a person in this state, including the person who ordered the property.
(2) Every dealer as defined in s. 212.06(2)(c) who makes a mail order sale is subject to the power of this state to levy and collect the tax imposed by this chapter when:
(a) The dealer is a corporation doing business under the laws of this state or a person domiciled in, a resident of, or a citizen of, this state;
(b) The dealer maintains retail establishments or offices in this state, whether the mail order sales thus subject to taxation by this state result from or are related in any other way to the activities of such establishments or offices;

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