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Equating Vaping With Smoking Is Medical Malpractice

Given Cuomo's medical degree and her experience in diagnosing and writing about cancer, any layman unfamiliar with the subject would be inclined to believe her statement, in a Huffington Post video posted on March 14, that "e-cigarettes will raise your risk for lung cancer but also other cancers, like liver cancer." But as Boston University [...]

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Anti-vaping campaigners are a threat to public health, 95% less harmful to health than smoking

If today’s Public Health England report on vaping shows anything, it’s that those who oppose it are a threat to public health.The report found that “e-cigarette use is around 95% less harmful to health than smoking”. They pose “no risk of nicotine poisoning to user”. Most of the chemicals causing smoking-related disease are absent and [...]

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Study finds nicotine safe, helps in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Newhouse and his colleagues are testing nicotine to see if it improves other cognitive problems like the mental fogginess known as "chemo brain" that afflicts cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. They've also started a study of adults with Down syndrome, who almost always develop Alzheimer's disease by the time they reach middle age. Even people with [...]

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New E-Cig Study Hypes Formaldehyde Fears Based on Faulty Experiments

Study also finds that vapor products, when used under realistic conditions, produce no detectable levels of formaldehyde.WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the American Vaping Association, a leading advocate for the benefits of vapor products such as electronic cigarettes, joined with the anti-smoking organization Smokefree Pennsylvania, to react to the release of a new letter published in [...]

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Electronic cigarette aerosol contains 6 times Less formaldehyde than tobacco cigarette smoke

While we still need to see the levels of carbonyls generated from high-power e-cigarette use (using appropriate atomizers of course), the message concerning all this media frenzy is clear. Even in the worst-case Japanese product, e-cigarette aerosol contained 6 times lower formaldehyde levels compared to tobacco cigarette smoke. Where does the “10 times higher than [...]

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E-cigarettes could 'save the lives of tens of thousands of smokers,' claim scientists

UCL researchers estimated that for every million smokers who switch to e-cigarettes, 6000 premature deaths would be prevented each year in the UKThere are around nine million British smokers and if they all switched to e-cigarettes, 54,000 lives could be savedThey wrote: ‘There are a number of public health advocates who appear to consider electronic [...]

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Independent e-cigarette industry is antidote to Big Tobacco

America’s independent e-cigarette manufacturers, represented by the American Vaping Association, do not oppose regulation. The e-cigarette industry supports smart, reasonable regulations, such as a ban on sales to minors. They also back legislation by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) that would require childproof packaging for liquids used in e-cigarettes.But over-regulation is a bad idea for e-cigarettes [...]

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