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New York Bans Flavored Vaping Products With No Public Debate

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The New York State Assembly has passed a bill that will outlaw sales of flavored vaping products (except tobacco), and prohibit online sales of all vaping products. The bill was part of the larger budget bill that keeps the state running, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign it into law immediately.

The state did not ban menthol cigarettes or flavored cigars—just vapor products.

The ban was passed with no public debate. As we reported earlier this week, the legislators mostly met by video conference. The online sales ban and a loophole that will favor JUUL and products made by tobacco companies were added with no opportunity for comment by citizens.

FDA Asks Court for PMTA Extension

120-day reprieve gives nicotine manufacturers more time during coronavirus crisis....On March 30, the FDA filed a motion with the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland requesting a 120-day extension of the premarket application deadline for many e-cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products.In the motion, the agency said the extension was needed solely because [...]

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Trump administration proposes removing FDA's authority over tobacco regulation

The new agency would still be under the purview of the Department of Health and Human Services. The president's budget request is just a proposal and is unlikely to pass Congress in its current form. The idea of removing tobacco regulation authority, which was granted to the FDA in a 2009 law passed by Congress, [...]

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Vaping Illnesses: Consumers can Help Protect Themselves by Avoiding Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-Containing Vaping Products | FDA the work by federal and state health officials to identify more information about the products used, where they were obtained and what substances they contain is ongoing, the FDA is providing consumers with some information to help protect themselves.In particular, many of the samples tested by the states or by the FDA as part [...]

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U.S. proposes cigarette nicotine cut, shift toward e-cigarettes

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government proposed cutting nicotine in cigarettes to “non-addictive” levels on Friday in a major regulatory shift designed to move smokers toward potentially less harmful e-cigarettes.....“Nicotine itself is not responsible for the cancer, the lung disease and heart disease that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year,” FDA Commissioner Scott [...]

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New vape shop opens in Tavernier Towne

Pelican Vapor set up its Tavernier shop after starting four years ago in Naples. The store is right next door to the B & B Tavernier Cinema 5 movie theater at the northern end of the mile marker 91.2 shopping plaza.“We are proud and excited to be able to provide our local community an affordable, [...]

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FDA Is Scrapping the Obama-Era Approach to E-Cig Regulations

On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration announced that the agency would be taking a new approach to tobacco regulation—including an initiative to lower nicotine levels in cigarettes to “non-addictive” levels. This came as a shock to the industry. Stocks of major tobacco companies plunged after the announcement, apparently dashing expectations that the agency would [...]

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Officials report biggest fall in adult smoking in decades

The rate of smoking among adults in the U.S. fell to 15 percent last year thanks to the biggest one-year decline in more than 20 years, according to a new government report....The increased marketing of electronic cigarettes and their growing popularity has also likely played a role.....E-cigarettes heat liquid nicotine into a vapor, delivering the [...]

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CDC finds 8.3M fewer US smokers since 2010, Reuters finds 7.35M US vapers no longer smoke

Two surveys issued on Wednesday confirmed that vaping has sharply reduced the US smoking rateNew CDC NHIS data found US adult cigarette smoking rate declined from 19.3% in 2010 (i.e. 45.3 million) to a new record low 15.1% in 2015 (i.e. 37.0 million), a decline of 8.3 million smokers. (see page 55)Vital Signs: Current Cigarette Smoking [...]

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Anti-Vaping Crusaders On The Run After Historic E-Cigarette Report

E-cigarette critics have been left reeling after a 200-page report from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) endorsed vaping as a tool for tobacco harm reduction.As one of the world’s leading medical institutions, representing 32,000 doctors and famed for its work in tobacco control, the RCP’s intervention carries weight.Read more:

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